Agriculture: Wheatgrass Production

Over the last few decade’s food choices and lifestyles have been changing a lot. The stress level and pollution in the environment having a significant role in destroying the human health. It is therefore being advised by the medical experts that for the optimum health, balanced food, balance lifestyle, exercise are mandatory. To the extent recommend that we need to look at our traditional practices for better health. One such step towards better human heath if fresh wheatgrass. Traditionally wheatgrass has been consumed since ancient era.


Benefits of hydroponically grown Wheat Grass

  • One of the primary benefits for wheatgrass is its chlorophyll content. Based on a research in Japan has shown that chlorophyll provides some protection from carcinogens. This protection is said to come from chlorophyll's ability to strengthen cells, detoxify the liver and bloodstream and chemically neutralize pollutants.
  • Traditionally Wheat grass has been consumed since ages by growing it in pots kept in sequence for number of days. However, inspite of the best care, it was not possible to get wheat grass round the year with optimum quality and free from pesticides.
  • Ayurvet in this modern era has developed hydroponics technology with following benefits:
  • Availability round the year- Hydroponics machine have controlled environment so hydroponics wheat grass can be obtained 365days.
  • Better nutrient value- More nutrition in the hydroponically grown wheat grass as compare to conventional grown in soil.
  • Pesticide Free- No use of fertilizers and other pesticides so hydroponics wheat grass is 100 % pesticide free.
  • Saves time- Hydroponics Fresh green wheat grass can grow in just 7 days.
  • Environment friendly-Conserves soil and water


Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics Machines Models for Wheatgrass:

APH 250

Daily wheatgrass production

Upto 11-13kg

APH 500

Daily wheatgrass production

Upto 24-26kg

 APH 1000

Daily wheatgrass production

Upto 49-51kg





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