Superiority of Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics is Effective insulation from outer climate.Durable and corrosion proof material and its basic frame Stronger structure with high quality.
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Base Frame: M.S. channel check cross check
  • Stronger structure
Walls/roof: Puff insulated panels check cross cross
  • Effective insulation from outer climate.
  • Durable and corrosion proof material
Climate Control        
Cooling: Industrial refrigerating unit check cross cross
  • Industrial refrigeration is designed for round the year operation and is more effective in maintaining temperature than air conditioner
Heating: Heat convector with auto cut-off check cross cross
  • Keeps temperature in the desired range even when the outer temperature in as low as zero degree
Fogging: Industrial Humidifier check cross cross
  • Heavy-duty misting system is capable of increasing the humidity up to 80+/-5%
Natural light check check cross
  • Saves Power
Environment Simulation System        
Microprocessor controlled check cross cross
  • All the parameters such as Irrigation; Temperature and Humidity can be controlled and monitored through mobile phone
Ozonators cross check check
  • Technical working is questionable
Drip irrigation check cross cross
  • Saves wastage of water
Effective Recycling of irrigation water check cross cross
  • Saves lacks of liters of water
Use of Nutrient solution check cross cross
  • Supports proper growth
Use of Herbal solutions check cross cross
  • Improves seed health & hygiene in growth chamber
About Alternative Green Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Ayurvet is one of the leading animal health care company into the business of animal health care, nutrition and research and development. Ayurvet products are backed up by the traditional knowledge of herbals blended with modern…
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