Ayurvet Progreen Hydroponics® is a machine indigenously designed and developed, which utilizes the hydroponics technology to produce fresh green fodder round the year. The machine is designed to produce nutritious green fodder from maize, oats and barley and the seed to feed conversion takes just 7 days.

The Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics Machine is a semi-automatic system and method for hydroponics agriculture. The machines are comprises of logical combination of vertical and horizontal shifting of trays with the help of specially designed roller making it semi- automatic; with vertical downshifting of trays until third day and thereafter horizontal sliding of trays from fourth to seventh day.

The Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics Machine provides a system and method for hydroponic agriculture. The machines are made up of an advance hydroponic agriculture chamber, wherein the hydroponic agriculture chamber made of walls and roof of puff panels and a machine with the several tray racks and number of movable trays placed on the racks. The chambers have the provision of the natural light as well as artificial light for photosynthesis.

The Ayurvet ProGreen hydroponics machines has a Unique GSM microprocessor based controlling system which controls the growing parameters (like: Temperature, Humidity and Irrigation) automatically. The unique feature of microprocessor enables the user to monitor or control the machine from anywhere in the world. It also alerts the user about any malfunctioning in the machine.
In the Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics Machine, comes with a nutrient tank for providing nutrition during germination and growth of the plants, a water tank containing water for irrigation. There are two openings in the machines; one for feeding seeds into the system and another for harvesting of green feed mats. Tray racks are made up of fibre glass or SMC to prevent from corrosion. Trays are placed on rollers for easy movement and reduce human effort. In the machine, proper drainage system is provided to collect the excess water.

The method of keeping seeds in the Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics Machine comprises of the steps: washing the seeds twice with tap water, soaking the same in HeroSol 1 solution, and again soaking the seeds in HerboSol 2. After that seeds are allowed to sprout and put in the chamber.


Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics advantages


a1Saving of water: It takes just 2 to 3 liters of water to produce 1 Kg of green feed as compared with 80-90 liter/ kg required in conventional system. Water that is not used by the growing Green Feed is not wasted, as it is recycled & reused again.




Marginal land usage: On an average it requires less than 1/15th of the space needed by conventional agriculture to grow same amount of produce. This reduction in the amount of land required for maximum Green Feed production is an asset for both regions where agriculture is difficult & in densely populated regions that lack sufficient growing space.




Reduction in growth time: The growing time of hydroponics plants takes as little as7 days from seed germination to a fully-grown plant at a height of 25- 30 cm, ready for harvest. Also, the biomass conversion ratio is as high as 6-8 times.



a4Reduced labour requirement: This process of growing cattle feed requires minimal man- hour ratio per day. It is as little as 2 to 3 hours per day, needed to maintain & produce hydroponics Green Feed, as compared to the many hours of intense labour required for growing the same amount of feed as a pasture crop.


Enhancement of Nutritional value: Hydroponic Green Feed is a highly effective particularly nutritious feed, which produces 3 times more protein as compared to conventional Green Feed. It has high energy content, Vitamin A & E content and very high moisture content. Feeding livestock hydroponically produced feed may increase the milk production and improve upon the general health & fertility.

Completely natural: An important factor about growing green feed in Ayurvet’s hydroponics machine is that it is completely natural product. Therefore, there are no pesticides or fungicides used that could alternatively contaminate the milk or meat that are being produced.


Provide more acreage for food crop production thus improving the economy & sustainability of land. This system also eliminates additional pressure on an already over worked irrigation system.

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