Nutrosol, contains all Primary, Secondary and Micronutrients required for balanced plant nutrition. Made from lab grade minerals, Our nutrosol is formulated to be the finest balanced and pH buffered fertilizer available and make complete and balanced nutrient solutions for proper plant nutrition that produce strong vigorous seedlings. Nutrosol is the most used nutrient for a reason, it delivers spectacular results such as enhanced biomass, green and lustrous feed round the year.

 Beside this it also  Stimulate seed germination, seedling growth, and root growth act as Germination enhancer, Germination of seeds, root length, shoots length, number of lateral roots and biomass increased, provide nourishment and increase chloroplast content.


Several important factors have to be considered when preparing hydroponic nutrient solutions:

  • Water quality - salinity, concentration of potential harmful elements (like sodium, chlorides and boron).
  • Required nutrients and their concentrations in the hydroponic nutrient solution.
  • Nutrient balance.
  • The pH of the hydroponic nutrient solution and its effect on uptake of nutrients by plants. 

The optimal pH range of the hydroponic nutrient solution is 5.8-6.3. Micronutrients are more available in lower pH, but when pH levels drop below 5.5, risk of micronutrients toxicity, as well as impaired availability of calcium and magnesium.

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