Milk production in India is growing at 4% per year, and at present India contributes 15% of the total global milk production. Due to ever increasing population pressure of human, arable land is mainly used for food and cash crops, thus there is little chance of having good quality arable land available for fodder production until milk production is remunerative to the farmer as compared to other crops. According to a report of the working group on animal husbandry and dairying for five-year plan (2002-2007, Govt. of India, Planning Commission, August – 2001) there will be huge demand of green fodder and dry by 2025


Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics is a unique & innovative technology, developed to address the scarcity of fresh and nutritious green feed. In hydroponics machine we have successfully grown maize, barley and oat green feed. On comparative nutrient analysis hydroponics green feed was found to be on the higher side in terms of protein content, energy values, vitamin and mineral content than conventionally cultivated Green Feed crops.


A study undertaken on Lactating cows at Mundlana Gaushala Farm, Haryana, shown beneficial results in Livestock:


  1. Milk production was higher by 22.06%
  2. 4% body weight gain as compared to control
  3. Dry Matter Intake is INCREASED


A study undertaken at SUMUL, Surat, Gujarat, shows beneficial results on Heifers:


  1. Hydroponics feeding increases reproductive efficiency by 55%
  2. Hydroponics feeding improves body weight gain by 20%
  3. Hydroponics feeding reduces the cost of feeding per kg body weight by 18%


Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics Machines Models for Cattles:


APH 250


 Maize Green Feed
CapacityUpto 180-240kg
Cattle that can be FedUpto 12-15



APH 500


 Maize Green Feed
CapacityUpto 360-480kg
Cattle that can be FedUpto 20-25



APH 1000


 Maize Green Feed
CapacityUpto 720-960kg
Cattle that can be FedUpto 40-50


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