Ayurvet is one of the leading animal health care company into the business of animal health care, nutrition and research and development.
Ayurvet products are backed up by the traditional knowledge of herbals blended with modern science and strong research and development. We are an R & D based organization developing the products range to meet the emerging domestic & international market needs. We are exporting to all round the globe.
Ayurvet is now diversifying into new areas of hi-tech agriculture like: hydroponics technology, biogas, vermicompost, improved vermicompost and cultivation of medicinal plants etc. Ayurvet as an organization has the sustainable agriculture & animal husbandry corporate DNA since its inception. We also have a tremendous focus on preventive healthcare of humans and animal. We are having our continuous focus towards the improvement of socio-economic status of our farmers.
We have focused approach towards the production of green feed and nursery of various crops. To have more focus towards our organizational goals we have created a separate entity on the name of Alternative Green Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Introduction to Hydroponics

The word hydroponics has been derived from the Greek word where 'Hydro’ means water and ‘Ponic’ means working, i.e. Working water. Plants require 3 things to flourish- water, nutrients & sunlight; Hydroponics is a straightforward way of providing all these nutrients without the need of soil under controlled environment conditions to optimize the growth of plants.  

 Journey of Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics Technology


Phase -1

To address constraints of water availability &reducing land, Ayurvet joined hands with R.K. Goel Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad and started the development of technology for a hydroponics machine in 2007.

The main objective of this project was to initiate a pilot production of high- quality, nutritious hydroponics green fodder in a cost effective manner to meet emerging fodder requirements of our livestock to improve health, fertility and productivity.


First Prototype of hydroponics chamber was designed and fabricated  with a production capacity up to 50 kg/day. Hydroponics has been used since long but the technology which we have developed is superior used in other parts of the world as:--

  1. We had developed a hydroponics system up to 50 kg/day capacity which had operated in the temperature range of 150 C to 320 C.Globally the hydroponics chambers/ devices operate at low temperatures 180 C to 220 C.
  2. We had developed a Hydroponics System which is using natural light while, globally Hydroponics chambers use artificial electrical lights. 


First Prototype with up to 50 kg/day Production Capacity ( 2007)

1      2

             First prototype in operation                             Cow eating Hydroponics fodder


3       4

              Hydroponics maize fodder                                   Hydroponics Green feed mat 



Up Scaling of the Machine: Model with up to 500 kg/day Production Capacity (2009)

Trials were conducted to evaluate the system for commercially viability since 2009




Refinement of the Model: Machine with up to 240 kg/day production Capacity (2010)


 6       7

            Ayurvet ProGreen front view                                   Rear view of the machine



            Hydroponics Maize Fodder                          Ayurvet Hydroponics Machine in Operation


Commercialization  of the Model: Machine with up to 1000 kg/day production Capacity  



In Ayurvet’s Hydroponics machine, crop is grown in controlled environmental conditions with a temperature range of 15-32oC and a relative humidity of 80-85%. Apart from fodder crops we are growing paddy and wheat nursery ready to transplant in soil in just 7 days. We are also growing nutritious wheatgrass free from pesticides for human consumption. 


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About Alternative Green Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Ayurvet is one of the leading animal health care company into the business of animal health care, nutrition and research and development. Ayurvet products are backed up by the traditional knowledge of herbals blended with modern…
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